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Thanks to Sam
The reason these stories are here and the reason I have started writing again after so many years of thinking it wasn't worth it ... is Sam.
My eldest and I were talking about steampunk a couple of years ago - he's a big fan and he got me into it. Well, actually, that's unfair, I'd always had a penchant for the genre and Sam was great to bounce ideas off.
Well, I had an idea for the first chapter of a steampunk story and I thought, why don't I write it and see if Sam likes it. I hadn't written any fiction for almost my entire professional life and I thought, well, if he does like it, I might continue. He did. So I did. And I found that, yeah, maybe I could write a little. I certainly enjoyed it. Two thousand words spawned two hundred thousand and more ... and more ...
And now I can't stop. Most of the stuff on here is flash fiction written in response to things on FB or Pinterest or on Writers Digest. But there are/will be a few snippets of longer stuff; y'know, if you're interested, mostly just drafts in various states of polish; a few teasers.
I think back to the first thing I tried to write on an old typewriter when I was, oh, less than ten. It was based on my old ragged soft toy: Dog Tom - named after the reading book. He had been summoned to Rover's office (that was my sister's dog), which could only mean one thing ... that the state was in trouble and there was only one dog who had the pedigree to save it.
Dog Tom strolled into Rover's office and lowered himself gently onto the lonely upright chair before the heavy oak desk. His superior bent over a pile of paperwork, seemingly unaware of his arrival. Tom folded his legs and brushed flecks of dust off the knee of his trouser. He glanced down at the heavy cream carpet that lapped against the office walls; he had never liked it ...

Jim Bonnor is a local authority archaeologist turned consultant, I have an interest in all things old and particularly those pertaining to the Napoleonic period, or the saxons, or the Romans. Ok, so almost anything before the 20th century - and some of that as well.


Jim Lives in Digby, Lincolnshire, UK with his wife Linda and two strapping sons, Samuel and Laurence.